Our Customers

  • Small- / Medium-sized enterprises and corporations,
    that utilise our vendor independent maintenance concept for their complex IT infrastructures

  • Cloud Providers

  • Data Centers

  • Computer Retailer,
    who are expanding their product portfolio with us in line with market requirements, in order
    to create competitive advantages in the market as a full-service provider 

  • OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers),
    who need a flexible and scalable service partner to act on their behalf, in order to keep the
    focus on product development and marketing.

Our Customers

Computer Retailer

You want to complete your service offer for your customers in order to offer a one-stop shop...

Cloud Providers

Your organisation transfers essential elements of the application landscape from your customers to the cloud. For your customers, the question arises as to what happens to the legacy applications and associated hardware platforms that cannot be integrated into the cloud?...


Your organisation is looking for a partner to assist them in the provision of their service offerings (for example, in the context of maintenance to your customers)...

End Customers

You are a Small to Medium sized enterprise or a large Corporation.

You manage your own IT Infrastructure and have to ensure that the systems are highly available - and at a low cost, of course...