Hardware manufacturers / OEMs

Your organisation is looking for a partner to assist them in the provision of their service offerings
(for example, in the context of maintenance to your customers).

Our service offer to you
  • We take over the maintenance of the systems with your customers

  • We take over the inventory management, parts storage and Logistics

  • Service Ticket management (tracking, notifications, and reporting)

Your benefits

  • There is no need for your organisation to develop a costly and cumbersome service organisation

  • You can enter new markets directly

  • Your organisation can focus on sales and production

  • Your organisation can generate additional revenue / income over margin on amalphi AG-services starting from the first day

  • We give peace of mind to your customer through high-quality service

We would be happy to provide you with additional service offerings around your IT infrastructure, to complete your service offer as part of a transition or the operation of the remaining old systems at your end customers. Other services related to the IT infrastructure.