medondo AG


Together with doctors, we develop a solution for doctors.

More time for patients:

  better patient service and sustainable success.

Concentrate on the essentials again:
  Your patients and their health.

One day we asked ourselves:

 - What made us decide to start our own practice?

 - What was our idea of the day-to-day work in our own practice?

That we would spend a large part of our time and energy on data management, documentation, billing or legal matters? Surely not.

But that's exactly what we do every day. And our tasks are becoming increasingly diverse and complex. There is little left of what originally motivated us to start our own practice.

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The medondo AG is a wholly owned subsidiary of amalphi AG since 2020.

IT Services


With Third Party Maintenance, different systems from different manufacturers can be maintained in an efficient and cost effective manner....

Investment Protection

"Investment Protection", the most economical and innovative maintenance service for securing IT landscapes.

With the unique service concept "amalphi IP" (Investment Protection) ...

Additional Services

To ensure the smooth functioning of your IT infrastructure, we also offer:

  • Managed Services

    • Remote Monitoring

    • Preventive maintenance

    • Inventory Management


Our Service Dispatch Center (SDC) is available around the clock to report a malfunction to one of your systems. The SDC coordinates all of the steps necessary for fast troubleshooting across Germany...