changed terms and conditions from January 1st 2023

Why are we changing our terms and conditions?

 – Due to a specification from the Federal Ministry of Finance


Which systems are affected?

All systems of customers, whose
– Company headquarters are in Germany and
– to whom we also invoice in Germany and
–  whose service certificate is valid from 1st January 2023 and
– whose service certificate is signed after the 1st January 2023.
Full maintenance contracts will be clearly visible in the header of the service certificate. 


What are we chaning in our terms and conditions?

 – conversion to full maintenance contracts
–  small editorial changes


What will be changing for me as a costumer?

You will get more service for the same costs.
In addition to the previous incident-based service, a maintenance component is also integrated into the full maintenance contract.
This means, that our technicians will als proactively look at the other systems during visits in order to avoid any future errors in advance.


These changes have been incorporated into the new terms and conditions, so we must also put these new terms and conditions into effect on January 1st, 2023.




For more information, read an article from ChannelPartner on the changes to extended warranties here

Please also speak to your sales representative for your company.